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Built for Enterprise. Priced for Everyone.


You set up & manage the software yourself. We provide you with training so you can automate & grow quickly.


A month for 5000 Contacts
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Access to all platform features
Unlimited Facebook Messages
Texts Cheaper than Twilio®
Audio, Video & MMS Texting
Unlimited Emails
Discounted Ringless Voicemail
Native Web Dialer
Dynamic “Handwritten” Postcards
Calendar Booking App
Viral Contest App
A marketplace of Pre-built Sequences,
Pre- Trained AI & Video Training
100 Messaging Credits Included
*19.99 for each additional 1,500 contacts


Create, distribute & redeem passes for Apple Wallet and Android with our mobile wallet marketing suite.


Monthly. Up to 250 Active Passes.
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Everything in Platform +
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Push Notifications
Unlimited Geo-Notifications
Volume Pass Discounts

High Volume

We offer volume discounts for text, voice, ringless voicemail, mobile passes and contacts for growing businesses.


Starting Monthly Cost.
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Everything in Platform +
Low Breakpoints .
Much Cheaper than Twilio™ .
Local Caller ID Messaging.
Endless Customizations.

How we calculate your price

Base Plan

Every plan comes with all the features. Enterprise plans allow you to deploy more complex a.i. across more channels.


Every plan includes a free number of messages. You can purchase more text and voice messages if you need them.

Active Subscribers

Leads and customers who have received or sent a message, or have subscribed to RevStack in the past 90 days.

Your Price

No contract required for
platform-only users.
7 Day Free trial.
Cancel anytime. No Contracts

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Pricing FAQ

Why do you need my card for a free trial?

We have found that we receive way more people calling and complaining (99.7% ) after their account was shut down after the free trial ended then people who wanted a refund after being auto-charged. During the 7 day free trial we will train you on how to launch our software and "set it and forget it." By taking your payment upfront we can avoid lapses in service plus you can cancel with 1 Click.

Do I have to pay additional for texts, voicemail drops and voice minutes?

Yes. We will have a number of bundles set up that will allow you to buy bulk messages if needed. Each plan comes with a set number of free texts, voice minutes and voicemail drops that are often enough for most of our customers.

What is software & a service?

This is our enterprise plan where we work with you and your team to design, build and launch a custom conversational marketing bot. These can be used for client facing applications as well as internal assistants to help your employees stay productive and informed. For more information please set up a meeting with one of our account executives to

Can I cancel at anytime?

During the 7 day free trial you can cancel at anytime. You can pay month to month with no long term contract.